About Credibl.co.uk

Credibl is a network for startups, SMEs, and freelancers to come to in order to generate leads to grow their business and/or find services that will help them to grow their business!

It's the perfect value exchange - if you’re looking for services, then Credibl is always free to use, and as a service provider looking for new leads you only pay for the leads you receive. No setup fees or payments for impressions/clicks!

Once we have your details, we store them so when you return and want more quotes you can do this with the click of a button. Don't worry, we will never sell pass your data anywhere other than to providers you expressly ask us to.

We are a brand new network, so we have a long way to go to get to where we want to get to - but we want to eventually become a complete resource for anyone that is looking to grow their business.

To get there and create an amazing product which is used by thousands every day we would love to get your feedback on what we are doing and how it can be improved, so please have a look around, get some quotes, claim some offers and let us know what you think!

We do have previous in the 'value exchange' market – 2 years ago we set up YourBabyClub.co.uk which is now the biggest value exchange in the UK for new mums. We now have over 700,000 members, and have generated over 4 million leads for brands such as Danone, Tesco, Nestle, Mothercare and many more.

We are a boot-strapped startup, and are run in a very lean manner - but are extremely responsive and tech biased (we built our tech ourselves) so get in touch with anything you like…we would love to hear from you!

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